Mobile friendly websites

Mobile friendly websites

Mobile friendly websites

Responsive web design for mobile devices

Responsive websites basically deliver different information in a different layout depending on the device being used to view the website. It could be a mobile phone, it could be a tablet or a laptop.

Responsive web design or mobile friendly websites seems to be the latest bandwagon jumped on by the web design industry  . Opinions seem to be mixed in terms of how effective it may be in making your website a more useful marketing tool to help grow your business.

Whilst more and more users are accessing the internet with a mobile device, does this trend actually have any bearing on your particular business or can it be seen as a “must have” for all websites? The answer i feel is down to your particular market place and what you want your website to achieve. An E commerce website selling to a younger marketplace is a no brainer for having a responsive website, however if your website is for information only or data capture as opposed to online selling, then I believe having a responsive web design is less important and may reduce the visual impact the design of a non responsive site may have.

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