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Search Engine Optimisation SEO Birmingham

Our website services include:

Search Engine Optimisation sometimes referred to as SEO is the skill of coding a website in order to display your website as high up the search engine page listings as possible using relevant keywords or search terms for your business.

A well designed website is only half the story as a great looking website without any SEO will never be found in the search engines. In fact most searches don’t go past the first 2-3 pages, so for your website to generate sales enquiries it’s imperative it has to be optimised for the search engines.

We have SEO’d hundreds of websites for our Birmingham based clients who can be found on page 1 of Google.  To see a number of our local SEO success stories Click here.

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There are 2 types of Search Engine Optimisation

On page SEO

This refers to optimising the code you may or may not be able to see within your website pages, but will be used by Google and the other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing to rank you pages in their listings. On page SEO can potentially achieve page 1 listings in Google for local searches such as replacement windows Birmingham. If you can see on the first page, that’s one of our clients.

Off page SEO

This refers to using Social Media including Facebook and Twitter and creating links back to your website from other websites, forums and blog sites. Off page SEO is used normally when you require national coverage and want to appear in search engines results pages for national searches. This can be considerably more expensive than On page SEO.

Birmingham SEO – local searches

Most small to medium sized businesses operate on a local basis, hoping to attract new business from their local area such as Birmingham. Depending on how competitive your sector is, achieving a page 1 or 2 Google listing can be quite realistic using On Page SEO. We have achieved numerous page 1 listings in Google for our clients operating within the Birmingham and surrounding areas.

We always recommend local businesses initially focus on On page SEO before embarking on ay kind of Off page SEO or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns as On page SEO is considerably less costly and may get you to the top of Google. Once we have seen the results of On page SEO we can then consider the effectiveness of Off page SEO and PPC.

Pay Per Click Advertising or Sponsored Ads

PPC can be found at the top and right hand side of most Search Engine listing page results such as Google, however what most people aren’t aware of is over 80{b94ff9118cf0b3923b6f7e9638398c1476ce060df269d30a5bf5db31397df1ce} of search engine users overwhelmingly click on organic results on Google and Bing before considering the PPC listings or sponsored links. Combining both paid for PPC and non paid for organic listings is generally the most effective route to take.

Once we have optimized your company web site with on page SEO should you feel you would like to attract more traffic to your website we can then set and manage daily and monthly budgets for instant and on demand traffic. We write ad copy to ensure strong click through rates and work to maximise campaign efficiency to improve quality score metrics and further reduce your overall spend thus improving your return.