Frequently Asked Questions for Birmingham business websites

How long does it take to design a website?

That really depends on how much work is involved and whether you have all the content ready for us. We normally take between 1-4 weeks to complete a website. If you have a timescale you need to meet , just talk to us and we will always try to accommodate your needs if possible.

How should I supply any content I already have for my website?

Any content for your website should be supplied electronically on a memory stick, a cd or by email. Images can be supplied in Jpeg, Gif and Png formats and text in a word.doc or equivalent.

Can you design my website and create all the content?

Yes we can. We have designed hundreds of websites with minimal or no content from the client.

Can you design a website without a meeting?

Yes, we can communicate using the telephone or emails, depending on the complexity of the website. However we recommend face to face meetings when possible.

Are there any hidden costs associated with the design of my website?

No. All costs are discussed and agreed before you place your website design order.

Do you include SEO with all your website packages?

All our websites including E-commerce and CMS are designed to be search engine friendly. We feel it is as important as the actual design of your website. We will keep an eye on your search engine listings and communicate with you should the need arise.

Does my website come with email addresses?

Yes your website hosting account includes setting up email accounts for you and your company departments and employees.

Can I update my website myself?

Yes. Whilst we offer minor amends to your website FREE of charge throughout your time with us, if you would like to become more involved in adding content yourself, we can design your website using a content managed system CMS such as WordPress. This enables you to have full control over the content of your website.

What after sales services do you offer once the website is completed?

We are in regular contact with all our clients and are happy to discuss anything relating to your website at any time.

Can I move my website at anytime to another web design or hosting company?

Yes, you may move your website to another hosting company at any time.

Can I involve another web design company but still have you host the website?

Yes, the website belongs to you and you can appoint anyone to manage it on your behalf. Although we would always like the opportunity to quote for any work you require.

Who owns the website you have designed?

Once you have paid us in full, you own the website you have paid us to design.

Will my website appear the same to everyone who views it?

That depends on the visitors browser, computer settings, screen resolution and mobile devices being used. We strive to design each website to minimise any differences by previewing them using difrenet browsers, computers and mobile devices.

What if I am not happy with the website design?

We always ask you to show us a number of websites you like the design of so we have a clear idea as to your tastes and expectations, however should our work not match your requirements we will happily discuss the situation and amend the site until you are happy.

Can you redesign my existing websites?

Yes, we can redesign your existing website to include minor additions or a total revamp.

Can I see how many people have visited my website?

Yes you can, all our servers have web usage statistics and we also add google analytics to your website which provides detailed information on visitor activity.

Will my website be available at all times?

Web hosting services cannot guarantee 100% uptime. Computer systems will always have the occasional technical issue, however our servers have over 99% up time track record.

What does hosting mean?

Hosting is the service where your website is stored on a powerful computer or server which is connected to the internet 24/7 enabling visitors to view your website at anytime. Our web sites are designed and developed on a single computer and then transferred to our hosting servers.

Why do I have to pay an annual hosting or renewal fee?

Servers that host your website have to be managed and maintained which incurs a regular cost. Your website would not be available for visitors without a hosting package.

Do you offer hosting services as well as designing my website?

Yes – we offer web design and hosting.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is normally your website address and reflects your trading name for example our domain name or web address is You can have as many domains as you require and some companies buy generic domains that reflect what you do as well as who you are, for example which may help being found in the search engines.

Can I register a domain name through C Pages Web design?

Yes you can. We normally include one domain in the website design and hosting package.

Who actually owns the domain name if I buy it through C Pages Web Design?

When we register a domain name on behalf of our clients, that domain is registered to you the client, so as long as you pay the registration fees which are normally due every year or two, the domain will always belong to you.

What happens if I stop paying the Domain renewal fees?

Unfortunately, if you don’t pay the domain renewal fees when they become due, you domain with lapse, your website and emails will stop working and the domain after a certain period will be available for purchase by someone else. All our hosting packages include domain registration and renewal fees. So as long as you pay our annual hosting fee we will always pay for your domain renewal.

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